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Green Policy

umi hotel is located in one of the greenest cities in the world. Two-thirds are parks and lakes, and we want to keep it that way. We are aware that all our actions influence the environment, and we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We try to accomplish this by working all together with several ‘green’ companies, and implementing environmentally friendly actions in our hotel.

Our current sustainable actions:


  • We use low energy light bulbs for all the main lights in our hallways and rooms.
  • We turn the central heating off every summer and during day in the winter.
  • Our central heating works on a timer and a temperature sensor, so the heating in the building will only turn on when it’s late and cold enough.
  • We ask our guests to turn off their TV’s at the socket so no energy is wasted.

Water efficiency:

  • We do our laundry twice a week unless requested otherwise.
  • The toilets in our offices and the public toilets in our lobby are flushing on a timer so we save water.


  • The cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly and concentrated.
  • In our rooms we provide guests with Fair-trade coffee and sugar.
  • We believe in local products for our kitchen. We serve fresh food in our restaurant that has been grown and produced in the UK where possible.
  • In our café we serve Fair-trade coffee, tea and sugar.

Reusing and recycling:

  • Housekeeping uses their cleaning products in reusable bottles so we produce less waste.
  • All the bin bags in our hotel are made of recycled materials.
  • Housekeeping washes their dusters themselves, so we do not have to buy new ones every day.
  • The used cooking oil in the kitchen is collected and converted into environmentally friendly biodiesel.


  • We provide our guests and staff with information about the Oyster card for public transportation.
  • We inform our guests and staff about our ‘Green Policy’.

Our preferred partners:

The Conciderate Hoteliers is an association run by hoteliers, for hoteliers to spread the message that care for the environment is very important in the hospitality bussiness. They encourage hoteliers to have economically, socially and environmentally sustainable policies and practices, so guests, staff and visitors work together for the environment.

Puro supplies our Yumi café and our rooms with Fair-trade coffee, tea and sugar. These products come from their South-American suppliers who are paid a fair price. Puro invests in rainforest preservation and wants to be the first to take part in a new era of bio-sustainability.

MK Energy provides intelligent boiler systems. Their systems measures all changeable factors like time, temperature and level of demand to provide us efficiently with the heating that is required on every moment of the day. All their systems are made to reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions up to 40%.

Uptown Oil is Central London’s premiere licensed biodiesel manufacturer. They convert used cooking oils into carbon neutral, environmentally friendly biodiesel which is sold to taxis. These taxis have much lower carbon emissions, improving air quality.

Alliance is one of the leading UK suppliers to the hospitality sector. They provide us with our cleaning products which are manufactured by companies with environmental policies. Alliance also stores and distributes their products as efficiently as possible.

Brakes provides us with our vegetables and frozen products. Brakes believes in a sustainable tomorrow. To accomplish this goal they reduce their food miles, use responsible sourcing and reduce the carbon footprint of their products.

Dairy Crest is UK’s leading chilled dairy foods company, and our supplier of the dairy products we use in our kitchen. Since 2002 they keep track of their carbon emissions, which have been reduced with 20%. Also their water use has been reduced with 10% since 2002. They are very conscious of the environment and sustainability.

Barbican Supplies Ltd was established more than sixteen years ago on Smithfield Market, but moved to Tottenham, ten years ago. Barbican supplies us with high quality meat for our restaurant, and because it is based in London also makes sure we have meat with very low food miles.

Simson’s Fisheries is one of UK’s premier suppliers of prime quality fresh, frozen and live fish and shellfish. Their fish and shellfish are sources from the finest fisheries throughout the world. Based in London, they provide us with fish with low carbon footprint.

Turnells of London is one of the oldest independent distributors of fresh fruits , vegetables and fine foods. The depots of Turnells are in Covent Garden, so also our fruit and vegetables supplier comes from London, distributing to us with low carbon emissions.

Le Pain Nouveau offers an extensive range of freshly baked bakery products, specialty breads, patisserie and a wide range of part and fully baked frozen products. Located in London our pastries have very low food miles.