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umi Hotels CSR Policy

umi Hotels, as an industry leader in value hotels, believes that social responsibility is a crucial part of our business. We are committed to continuously improving our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions across the areas of:

  • Environment
  • Sustainability
  • Health and Safety
  • Risk management
  • Guest equality
  • Community engagement
  • On the job educational opportunities
  • Equal opportunities for all employees

Umi Hotels’ CSR Policy is a comprehensive plan and provides the framework for all of umi Hotels’ business practices. It applies to all umi Hotels locations (Brighton, and the Petrovka Loft Hotel Moscow), employees, products and services. By thoroughly training all members of our company, we can ensure all actions are aligned with the following goals:

  • Continue to maximize the efficiency of used resources and minimize waste generated
  • Continue to conduct all business in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly manner
  • Create a safe and healthy environment within our hotels for our employees, guests and visitors
  • Manage our business in a way that reduces risks, being proactive in the prevention of accidents
  • Ensure all guests, regardless of physical abilities, are able to thoroughly enjoy a stay at our hotels
  • Continue to engage our community and give back to those who live in our immediate surroundings
  • Continue to offer meaningful educational opportunities for young people
  • Practice fair hiring process, not based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or age

Umi Hotels understands that its CSR Policy needs to evolve as the business develops and new technologies emerge, and thus it is reviewed by the Board on an annual basis.

Current initiatives. Starting today for a better tomorrow.

Environment and Sustainability

As a member of the Green Tourism for London Business Scheme, Umi Hotels is committed to business practices that are safe and have minimal impact on the environment. We recognise that this is one of the largest areas for future improvement as natural resources are valuable and scarce. Our current plan is outlined in a Green Policy, which includes:


  • We use low energy light bulbs for all the main lights in our hallways and rooms
  • Maintenance teams monitor outdoor temperatures and train housekeeping staff to turn the central heating off every summer and during the day in the winter when external temperatures allow
  • Our central heating works on a timer and a temperature sensor, so the heating in the building will only turn on when it is late and cold enough
  • We ask all of our guests to turn off their TV’s at the socket after use so that no energy is wasted

Water efficiency

  • We do all laundry twice a week unless requested otherwise
  • The toilets in our offices and the public toilets in our lobby flush on a timer to save water


  • The cleaning products we use are environmentally-friendly and concentrated
  • In our rooms and café we provide guests with Fair-trade coffee and sugar
  • We believe in supporting local businesses and buy local produce for our kitchen. We serve fresh food in our restaurant that has been grown and produced in the UK where possible

Reduce, reuse and recycle

  • Housekeeping keep their cleaning products in reusable bottles so that we produce less waste
  • All the bin bags in our hotels are made of recycled materials
  • Housekeeping wash their own dusters, so that new ones are not used daily
  • The used cooking oil from the kitchen is collected and converted into environmentally-friendly biodiesel

Health and Safety

The entire property is maintained and cleaned in accordance to umi Hotel’s high brand standards for cleanliness. We follow a formal Health and Safety procedure and work with CSC (Common Sense Consultancy) that perform regular audits of the hotels to ensure the facilities are safe and clean.

Risk Management

umi Hotels have a proactive approach to risk management. An accurate and up-to-date accident book is kept, in which all incidences are recorded. Each incident is reviewed carefully to avoid it from happening again in the future. Risk is regularly evaluated with formal Risk Assessments, which are continuously reviewed and updated. In the event that an accident does occur, umi Hotels is covered through liability insurance.

Guest Equality

All umi Hotels locations are equipped, as much as is allowed, to welcome all guests regardless of ability.All guests are treated equally and every guest is our top priority.

Community Engagement

Umi Hotels understand that we are more than a hotel company, we are part of the community. Through our sustainability initiatives we buy supplies and products from numerous neighboring businesses to support our local economy. Umi Hotels is also committed to working with various charities. umi Hotels sponsor a meerkat at London Zoo, which aids the local company in their mission of wildlife preservation in the UK and around the world. Founder, Steve Lowy, is engaged with the ISTC and STAY WYSE and recently travelled to Cambodia to work with Rosy Guesthouse on the ISTC Skills Exchange.  Steve mentored the team at Rosy’s to bring their business and marketing into the current digital age and help them become sustainable long-term. Steve is also running in the Brighton Marathon 2011 in aid of Epilepsy Action and in memory of Magna Rodrigues, an employee of umi Hotels who sadly passed away as a result of epilepsy in June 2010. Umi Hotel hosts numerous neighborhood watch meetings, as well as meetings with local residents. Umi Hotel Brighton has also hosted numerous neighborhood watch council meetings. Umi Hotels is currently investigating the possibility of offering days off for employees to volunteer for a local charity. Umi is committed to expanding our involvement with local and international charities, as well as ensuring all staff are aware of our efforts and encouraged to participate.

On the job Educational Opportunities

Umi Hotels believes that young people have much to learn from supplementing their educational courses with practical work experience. We are proud to say that we have employed over 100 interns throughout the business in fields as diverse as plumbing to marketing. Our interns do not simply sit behind a desk; they are active members of our company, bringing real ideas into umi to aid a successful future. Our interns wrote umi Hotel’s first Green Policy, they have established a Notting Hill area walking tour with an audio guide, and at umi Hotel Brighton they have created a concierge booklet for the staff.

Equal Opportunities for all Employees

All umi Hotels employees are entitled to the same rights and benefits, and all have access to the same resources and opportunities. We try to include all staff, from interns to senior management, in all group activities. At the Visit London Awards, umi Hotels had a member of staff from each department present, including an intern and a former apprentice who is now a full time staff member. We encourage all staff members to provide any feedback they believe would positively improve our internal procedures, products and services. We make all hiring decisions without prejudice to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or age.