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  • umihotels's avatar about 21 hours ago
    Visit the #Brighton Photo Biennial, the UK’s largest international photography festival! See what’s on today:
  • umihotels's avatar about a day ago
    Head down to the 35 mm cinema theatre in #Moscow for the British Films Festival. Go to: Ends 9/11.


UK Tax Refunds with

Have you worked or studied in the UK? If so, you should apply for a tax refund! Many taxpayers working under the PAYE system in the UK often don’t realise they have overpaid tax and can subsequently claim a tax refund. There’s a variety of reasons why you may be due a tax refund, including […]


September competition winner revealed

With Halloween coming up very soon, it comes in handy that the lucky winner of our September newsletter competition edition won a hamper full of spooky sweets! We asked the question “What date is Halloween on this year?” The only right answer was the 31st October! Wonder who the lucky winner is? We chose a […]


July/August competition winner revealed

In our last competition, we were giving away a Pimm’s Hamper to celebrate the end of the Summer! We asked the question ‘How does the famous Pimm’s saying go?’ The answer was *drumroll* ‘It’s Pimm’s O’Clock!’ Sorry to all of you who answered this incorrectly or missed out on the competition. Better luck next time, […]


Leaving the UK? Tie up those loose ends!

A common mistake made by taxpayers leaving the UK is the failure to claim a refund of overpaid income  tax.


June competition winner revealed

In our last competition, we were giving away a £50 Boots gift card. We asked the question What does SPF stand for? For all of you who answered the question with ‘Sweaty Pongy Feet’ – you know who you are – you were wrong! The answer was in fact ‘Sun Protection Factor’, of course! Want […]