UK Tax Refund with

Have you worked or studied in the UK? Well then you should apply for a tax refund! Many people working abroad often don’t realise they have over paid tax and can claim a tax refund. That is why we have partnered with to bring you tax refunds from around the UK and around the world! customers on average receive a UK tax refund of £963! You can use their FREE UK tax refund calculator to find out how big your refund is! There are many reasons why you may be due a tax refund, including; if you worked only part of the year, never claimed refundable expenses or changed jobs.

To apply for your tax refund now simply register here and download your tax pack. To apply you will need your P45 or P60, but don’t worry if you have lost them, provide a document retrieval service! If you have any tax questions,’s Live Chat Team are ready and waiting to help.

Pre-paid international MasterCard®

This is the new clever way to pay for things when you’re abroad. The card is available for USA ($), Europe () and the UK (£) and eliminates the need to open bank accounts or carry cash when you travel and work abroad. Accepted everywhere that MasterCard® is it allows to receive your salary directly onto the card and you do not pay international transaction fees. Find out more…