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Claiming a tax refund/rebate in the UK

Every year millions of UK workers (no matter what nationality) fail to claim a tax refund, meaning HM Revenue & Customs are left with a substantial amount of unclaimed money! So unless you do the exercise you will never know if you are owed any tax!

If you’ve paid too much income tax either through work or your pension, (or by earning extra income on investments), then you might be owed a tax refund or “tax rebate” as its also called.

Forget thinking that if you are owed tax it will automatically be adjusted for you – HM Revenue and Customs is under no obligation to notify you of any overpayment.

Applying for a tax refund can be confusing and complicated so we’ve partnered with to help make getting your tax back fast and hassle free for you. You can Chat Live with a tax expert now about your refund via instant messenger. Use the FREE tax calculator to find out how much you could be due and submit your application online if you wish to apply for this tax rebate.

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